Fixing F3 Boiler Problems

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

We are in a hard water area, thus sometimes our boilers, if they are getting on a bit, incur low-pressure problems and loss of hot water, usually comes up with F3 on the boiler.

To rectify this, go to the boiler, if there are two knobs, turn them to the left or the off position.

Underneath you will see either one or two pressure release valves, turn this off and on again, so you can hear the pressure coming back on.

Then turn the two knobs above back on. Turn on the hot water tap at the sink and wait until the boiler fires up and the hot water will start to come through.


If you have tried this a few times, it may be something more technical and you may have to call Rockley reception on 01202 679393, stating your name and pitch number and what part of the park you are on, or after hours, ring Security on 07899 960384.


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