• Pat Edwards

Holiday Home Cleaning

When you stay in one of Seaview Escapes holiday home(s) we would like to reassure you that we have further enhanced our holiday home cleaning and preparation procedures. From when you open the door, you notice a difference, we have no linen, pillows, duvets, cushions, DVD and CD’s available, rugs and nick knacks in the holiday homes, this is t make sure we can clean the surfaces. All touch points (light switches, plugs) are antibacterial wiped and all surfaces, the holiday home is secured until your arrival.

Arrival is after 4pm (1600 hours), we aim to please, but on occasions we can miss something (we are all human), always ring me or Sarah at the cleaning service and one of us will come and fix it – your satisfaction and starting your holiday at the right point is paramount to us. You have a two-hour window until 6pm – 1800 hours let us know.

Anything else that you need help with or worried about,

let us know as quickly as you can so we can address it.

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