• Pat Edwards

Linen - To Hire or Not to Hire

Remember to bring duvet and pillows and linen for the beds.

We have on every mattress in the holiday home there will be a freshly laundered mattress protector - this is changed on every change over regardless of use, we do this to make sure you stay safe and you feel confident.

The choice of bringing your own linen or use our linen.

We do have a hire charge as this is brought in from the cleaning service, every single duvet, pillow case, linen and protector is washed at 60 degrees plus antibacterial liquid is added to the wash. Each set is then placed into a bag with the duvet and duvet cover on, pillow case(s) on the pillow(s) and sheet, Once the holiday home is secured and checked, your linen bag(s) left in the holiday home ready for use.

When you leave we would ask that you strip the bed(s) and return the items to the bag (this is to protect our cleaners as well).

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